A Pathway for Healing

Hypnotherapy – A Pathway for Healing

By Lorri Heller, C. HT.
Copyright 2001, all rights reserved

When I first met Linda in my office, she was apprehensive yet hopeful about what our meeting would bring. Linda was referred to me by her therapist, who felt that together we might be able to unlock the issues from Linda’s past that interfered with her being happy and successful. Linda was very attractive, yet she was overweight. She had a history of painful relationships with men, especially with her husband who she divorced several years ago.

During our session, I guided her back to a time when she felt uncomfortable with her husband. As she experienced these feelings I asked her to go to the “source” of these feelings. She remembered a time her father gave her a bath.

As we explored her discomfort, I used a process called Neurolinguistic Programming to lessen her current emotional connection to the experience. She would then be free to enjoy her relationships rather than bringing her past feelings of discomfort into every relationship she has with men. I also suggested to her that she can use her voice to say “no” to men rather than use her weight to keep men away. Linda called a few weeks later to tell me how peaceful she was feeling and that she was beginning to lose weight.

Hypnosis is a medically approved, safe and effective way to easily overcome bad habits, eliminate phobias, fears and reduce stress. It can also be used to deal effectively with emotional issues that are interfering with your being productive and happy. Whether you explore early childhood memories or past lives you can heal the past and move forward.

When you are deeply relaxed, your subconscious mind is focused and receptive to positive suggestion. Your subconscious mind protects you and will reject any information that does not meet your needs. Hypnosis is an “altered state of mind” similar to daydreaming. In fact, you are in an altered state every time you “crave” a cigarette or food. You strongly, yet falsely believe you must have it. You are also in that altered state when you experience fear, stress or phobic reactions. I essentially “de-hypnotize” my clients, bringing them back to a healthy, centered state of mind so that they can feel joy in their lives and a sense of inner peace.

When looking for help it is important to find a reputable therapist. A good therapist will be responsive to your needs and explain hypnosis in a way that makes you feel comfortable and ready to proceed.

Lorri Heller is a certified hypnotherapist, gestalt therapist and NLP practitioner. She has a private practice in Marietta, Georgia and offers in-person sessions or telephone consultations. She can be reached at (205) 862-6888