Benefits of Stopping Smoking

Benefits of Stopping Smoking



Health benefits are major and immediate, at ALL ages:

Quitting decreases the overall risk of death (all causes combined)

by 50% in 15 years as compared to continuing smokers

Cardiovascular Benefits

Heart Attacks

The risk of heart attack is decreases by 50% within 24 hours of quitting smoking, due to the reversal of nicotine’s effects on inducing platelet aggregation and vasospasm (in other words, nicotine makes the blood clot and a blood clot in the heart’s coronary arteries causes a heart attack)…

After 2 years of abstinence from tobacco, the risk of heart disease is decreased to about the level of people who have never smoked


The risk of having a stroke or a brain aneurysm (bleeding in the brain) go down by 30-50% in quitters.

Benefits to the Resipiratory System

Lung Cancer
The risk of lung cancer is decreased by 80-90% after 15+ years of abstinence

There is no known effective method of screening for early lung cancer in former smokers or current smokers.

Smoker’s Cough
Within three months of quitting, the smokers’ cough disappears in most people.

Respiratory Function
Lung capacity declines with age more rapidly in smokers than in non smokers. Quitting smoking does little to restore lost lung function however after quitting the decline in lung function tend to parallel that of non smokers. In other words, quitting helps the lungs age slower.

Alleviates harm to others from side stream smoke exposure

Increased work productivity

Improved self esteem

Cost savings:

The expenditure for smoking 1 pack per day approximates the price

of a Porsche over a 30 year period!!!

Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Technique

Hypnotherapy makes it easy to stop smoking. My clients tell me that after a first session they either have no cravings at all, very minor ones or manageable ones. I use a combination of several methods to create the desired results. By combining several methods the long term benefits are multiplied.

Most people have a hard time believing that hypnotherapy will be effective. Yet, time and time again, my clients find it easy to stay in control. We are replacing the habit of smoking with a more compelling habit of improved health, self esteem and quality of life.

While I never smoked, my mother smoked 60 cigarettes a day for 50 years. When she was ready to quit, she tried the patch, pill, gum and accupunture, all unsuccessfully. Since I knew she was serious about stopping smoking, I flew down to Florida (this was many, many years ago) and after one session we went out to eat. After she ate she looked at me and smiled. She didn’t want a cigarette. I will never forget that moment.

I love the work I do, as I know how powerful the mind is. And, just as you made up your mind many years ago to start smoking, you can change your mind (with a little help) to stop smoking and improve your quality of life.