Emotional Eating



You already know that good food and exercise are the keys to losing weight. But, if that is true, why don’t you just eat less and exercise more? The answer is emotional eating. If you are eating when you are not physically hungry you may be an emotional overeater.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Do you eat when you feel criticized?
  • Do you eat when you are anxious, angry, bored or lonely?
  • Do you “reward” yourself with food?
  • Do you prefer to eat alone?
  • Do you hide food?
  • Do you eat at night when you are not hungry?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, unrecognized emotional factors may be causing you to overeat compulsively. It is difficult to lose weight and keep it off permanently UNLESS you stop your compulsion to overeat.

If you answered NO to all of these questions, you are probably not an emotional overeater. In this case you may consider possible physical causes for your weight-loss problem such as metabolic disturbances, allergies or other factors that may be preventing adequate absorption and utilization of your food. You may need to consult with a physician.

Many overweight people are absolutely DESPERATE to shed pounds, but they haven’t found a solution that works for them.

You already know that diets and pills don’t work. Why? They are temporary and they don’t teach you how to eat normally once you reach your desired weight. It is practically impossible to retain your weight loss as you haven’t gotten into the “habit” of eating healthy. The conscious mind likes routine. It likes what’s familiar. You keep going from deprivation to overeating and you can’t understand why you can’t get in control.

We specialize in permanent weight loss. How? We address the issues related to emotional eating. We reinforce healthy eating so that you will find it easy to eat ONLY when you are physically hungry and STOP when you are comfortably full.

We incorporate several modalities in addition to hypnosis to insure long lasting results. Our goal is to empower you with the motivation to improve the quality of your life!